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Exercising Through Your Pregnancy - 2nd Ed.Exercising Through Your Pregnancy - 2nd Ed.

James Clapp, M.D., Catherine Cram, M.S.

In addition to the regular benefits of exercise, pregnant women who exercise are likely to return to their pre-pregnancy shapes sooner, feel increased energy, and fend of stress more readily. According to James F. Clapp, M.D., and Catherine Cram, M.S., authors of Exercising Through Your Pregnancy women can exercise before, during, after their pregnancies. "Some women fear that exercise will increase the risk of miscarriage, malformations, pre-term labor, brain damage to the baby, or material injury, but this is not the case."

However, according to Dr. Clapp's research, women who exercise feel better, perform better, and have babies that are be stronger physiologically and perhaps better developed neurologically. Among the questions he answers:

  • How does exercise benefit the mother?

  • How does exercise affect growth of the fetus?

  • What is the effect of exercise on milk production?

  • Does exercise limit weight gain during pregnancy?

  • What is the right amount of exercise?

  • What are the dos and don'ts of exercising when pregnant?

  • When should exercise be avoided?

  • How late into pregnancy can you exercise?

  • What should be the exercise regimen after giving birth?

    Dr. Clapp provides guidelines for exercise plans that safely fulfill a mother's needs during different phases of pregnancy.

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Price: $21.95

ISBN: 9781936374335, July 2012, 5.5 x 8.5 trim, 276 pages, trade paperback, black and white illustrations

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