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Counterpoint--Murder in Massachusetts BayCounterpoint--Murder in Massachusetts Bay

Margaret Press, Joan Noble Pinkham

    On a shimmering, Massachusetts morning, Martha Brailsford stepped aboard the "Counterpoint" and went for the last sail of her life. She had no way of knowing that the boat's owner, Tom Maimoni, had a dark side, that he'd lured other women onto his boat. What happened that morning of July 12, 1998? Was Martha's death an accident? Or, was she murdered? Would there be enough evidence for a jury to convict Maimoni? 

    In this nonfiction debut, mystery novelist Margaret Press takes us into the heart of Salem, introducing a cast of real-life characters—the other women who encountered Maimoni, the team of dedicated investigators, the "lobsterman," and the modern-day witch of Salem. As the lives of these townspeople intertwine, readers are drawn in to an intriguing maze of surprise and contradiction, where all the paths lead back to that fateful July morning aboard the "Counterpoint."

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Price: $21.95

ISBN: 1-886039-24-0, 1996, 5.5 x 8.5 trim, 355 pages, trade paperback, black_white illustrations

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